5 Nearby Winter Festivals in Connecticut

There’s no denying that winter is beautiful in these parts. Whether you love the season or simply tolerate it, these nearby Connecticut winter festivals can
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6 Classic Old Saybrook Holiday Traditions

Anyone who has heard of Spain’s Tió de Nadal knows there are some odd holiday habits in this world. Things aren’t quite as “out there” around
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Age-Old New England Sailor Superstitions

Every profession has its own superstitions and traditions, but none are as enduring as those surrounding fishing, boating, sailors, and the sea. From bad bananas,
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Our 9 Favorite Things To Do With Kids In Coastal Connecticut

Offering beautiful beaches and family-friendly attractions of all sorts, Coastal Connecticut is the ideal spot for a family getaway. It can be tricky to find
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Citizens of Saybrook: Meet Julie Kantor, Massage Therapist at SANNO Spa

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the staff at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa is truly second to none. From our Marina
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History Museums in Connecticut: 4 Great Places to Spend a Day

The sheer variety of nearby museums in Connecticut can keep anyone busy for weeks, and we have the advantage of being perfectly situated between the
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5 Ways To Love A Connecticut Fall

With the pumpkin spice craze in full swing, fall has come into the spotlight as the time of year. Old Saybrook, Connecticut is the very
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The Quintessential Quartet of Connecticut Golf Courses

Nothing says vacation like a drink by the water, fresh lobster, and a picturesque course to golf. Take a look at these four Connecticut golf
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Step In Time & Discover Yale University's History In Old Saybrook

The pride of Connecticut hasn’t always been in New Haven. Before Yale University moved to its current home in 1718, it spent its first 17
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Shop Local: 5 Shops Near Saybrook Point Inn

Alongside its charming local character and seaside location, the town of Old Saybrook just happens to be a prime destination to shop 'til you drop.
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