Spend your 4th in Old Saybrook!

Fourth of July is right around the corner and if you haven’t already booked your stay with us at Saybrook Point Inn, Marina, and Spa
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Set your Sights on Love this Summer

We understand that family getaways are a must for every couple with kids, but we also recognize the hard work you do throughout the year.
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Spring Weddings Venues in CT

Spring Weddings Venues in CT Spring brings blossoming flora and fauna, and if you’re looking for wedding venues in CT, we’ve got the best options!
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Your Dream Wedding Awaits at Saybrook Point Inn

Your Dream Wedding Awaits at Saybrook Point Inn Looking for the ultimate New England wedding experience? We know you’ll find just what you're looking for
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Spring into Old Saybrook

There is so much history and charm in our small town. Saybrook Point Inn & Spa is the best in waterfront tranquility. With every visit
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Take a relaxing break at SANNO Spa

As the flowers start to push their way through the last little bit of snowfall. You’ll want to enjoy a relaxing vacation before the hustle
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Date Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in CT

Did you know that the 14th is only one day? That doesn’t mean you have to stop loving your special someone, plus we’re in the
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Planning a Dog Friendly Vacation to Old Saybrook

It doesn’t take much to make a dog happy. So long as they have a place to chow down, run around, and crash for a
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7 Lovely Places to Propose in Southern Connecticut

There’s a romantic getaway, and then there’s the romantic getaway. When you’re making proposal plans, the first item to check off your “I do” list
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5 Nearby Winter Festivals in Connecticut

There’s no denying that winter is beautiful in these parts. Whether you love the season or simply tolerate it, these nearby Connecticut winter festivals can
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