Local Attractions

Our coastal town is full of history and life and it beckons you to experience the many hidden treasures and adventures waiting to be discovered.  Days are meant to be spent with the orchestra of a grand playhouse, wandering through notable museums, putting across the green, and digging toes into the warm, golden sand.

One of the most remarkable destinations would be the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, also lovingly referred to as The Kate.  Built in 1905 this musical and dramatic club saw many changes throughout the coming decades as a theatre, safe haven for troops, and government offices. In 2003, in honor of the late Katharine Hepburn, the building was restored to its original glory and with the permission of her family, was named after her life and legacy.

Cruise down the Connecticut River or across the Long Island Sound and explore the surrounding area with a new perspective. Boat charters are plentiful in Saybrook and offer a truly unique experience that gets you off the beach and onto the open water. Who doesn’t love a little adventure?



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