5 Steps to a Swoon-Worthy Romantic Getaway in Old Saybrook

Do you consider yourself a romance aficionado?  That’s okay, neither do we. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in romance to show your love an amazing time. Whisk them away to Old Saybrook for the weekend, set your phone to airplane mode, and tell the world that this is your time. With these easy steps, you can have a romantic getaway that will sweep you both off your feet.
Saybrook Lighthouse - Romantic Holiday
Photo: Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse

Dance the Night Away at the Kate

There are few figures as lovely and as romantic at Katharine Hepburn. Take a page from her book and spend an evening of elegance and romance at the Kate. Stroll arm in arm through the museum, catching glimpses of old Hollywood glamour in Katharine Hepburn’s life story.  If you’re looking to dance cheek to cheek, saunter off to the Kate’s main stage where you’ll find live music and a lively atmosphere.

Get on Board

Lady Katharine Cruises
Photo: Lady Katharine Cruises
If Titanic taught us anything, it’s that there’s few places more romantic than the sea. However, we would wager that the Long Island Sound & Connecticut River come in as a close seconds. Plan a trip with Lady Kate Cruises for an elegant jaunt on the Long Island Sound. For a slightly more whimsical excursion, hop aboard the Essex Riverboat and explore the historic Connecticut River. Even if your only interaction with water is out your bedroom window, the waterfront at Saybrook Point will set the mood for romance.

Find Your Guiding Light

Brighten up your romantic getaway with a tour of Old Saybrook’s lighthouses. If you crave a little adventure, hike out onto the breakwater to get up close and personal with the Saybrook Breakwater Light. If you prefer your lighthouses to be older (75 years older, in fact), wander to the charming Lynde Point Lighthouse, which is just as lovely and more easily accessible by land. Of course, you can round off your tour by gazing at (or staying in) the little lighthouse right on the Marina at Saybrook Point.

Fresh Salt DessertFeast at Fresh Salt

As the saying goes, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Spice up your romantic getaway with scrumptious, local seafood at our in-house restaurant, Fresh Salt. Taste locally sourced oysters, succulent sea scallops, and herb-crusted filet mignon alongside our extensive wine selection. Plus, with our Valentine’s Weekend Package, your Fresh Salt dinner will be included when you book, so all you have to do is show up.

Spend your Romantic Getaway by the Sea

Rekindle your love with a romantic, waterfront getaway.  Imagine waking up to a stunning sunset over the water or sharing a glass of wine on your balcony as the sun sets in the distance. At the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa, waterfront views are just the beginning. With our romance packages, you can savor a relaxing spa day, feast at Fresh Salt, and then retreat to your luxurious room. Make your romantic getaway unforgettable at Saybrook Point.
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