5 Ways That We’re An Eco-Friendly Hotel

Contrary to the claims of Kermit the Frog, we love being green. In 2007, Saybrook Point Inn & Spa became the first full service hotel in Connecticut to receive the energy star rating, and since then, we’ve only increased our commitment to sustainability. Trust us, eco-friendly goes way beyond reusing towels and utilizing solar energy (though we do have some lovely solar panels). Our green initiatives are woven into the fabric of Saybrook from the food at Fresh Salt to the habits of the staff. You may know us for our accommodations, our food, or our atmosphere, but take a moment and discover just a few of the ways that we’re an eco-friendly hotel. Eco-Friendly Hotel: Electric Car Charging Station

You Can Travel Green

Do androids dream of electric sheep? We’re not sure, but we figure they would probably drive electric cars. For all our electric car driving guests (android or otherwise), our parking lot has charging stations from EV Connecticut, located right across the street from Tall Tales and Three Stories Guest Houses. Want to make your travels to Saybrook extra efficient? Take the train straight into Old Saybrook and we’ll arrange a car to pick you up at the station.

Heat Recycling

Heat Recycling for our salt water poolsWhat do you get when you combine an engine and a swimming pool? At Saybrook Point Inn, this is the key to our two, state-of-the-art saltwater pools, which are heated all year round. While you might imagine that having heated pools in winter would use an enormous amount of energy, our engineers figured out a clever way for us not to break the energy bank. Excess energy and heat produced by the hotel is pumped back into the water. Presto! We’ve got heated pools and energy savings.

We’re Energy Efficient

Unless we decided to convert Saybrook Point into a yurt in the middle of the desert, it’s unavoidable that some energy will be used in the process of running the hotel. In these cases, we try to be as energy efficient as possible. For example, each of our rooms is outfitted with an easily adjustable EcoSmart thermostat. These thermostats help us reduce the energy use in unoccupied rooms while maintaining comfortable temperatures for our guests. In terms of water conservation, we are careful only to run our laundry and dishwashers when they are full to reduce the overall number of loads. Of course, we also have wonderful guests who turn off their lights, adjust their thermostats and support all our measures to be an eco-friendly hotel.

We Think Local

Oysters at Fresh SaltHow often do you think about where your food comes from? At Saybrook Point, part of being an eco-friendly hotel is obsessing over the buying local. To start, our menu at Fresh Salt offers a local raw bar so that we can celebrate the delectable, brininess of raw seafood plucked right from the sea. Additionally, we are proud participants in the Farm-to-Chef Program, a collaboration between local Connecticut farms and restaurants. When we get local ingredients, not only are you getting the best that Connecticut has to offer; we’re also reducing energy costs, promoting sustainable farming, and boosting the local economy. Here at Saybrook Point Inn, we know why green tastes so good.

At Our Eco-Friendly Hotel, The Motto Is “Waste Not, Want Not”

Our commitment to recycling doesn’t end with guest amenities. Any waste that we create on-site finds a second home (and we don’t mean the trash can). Our staff walks the eco-friendly hotel walk by dining daily on a bounty of uneaten food from the hotel’s restaurant and banquet events. Then, any food that is left uneaten gets composted and reused to fertilize our on-site gardens. How many times have you left a hotel stay, leaving behind a half-used bar of soap? At Saybrook, products that guests don’t used aren’t discarded, but are sent off to third-world counties. Five reasons in and we’ve barely just scratched the surface of Saybrook’s commitment to being an eco-friendly hotel. Want to discover the depths of our sustainability? Book a stay or a green meeting at Saybrook Point and we’ll be happy to give you the full eco-tour.