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The Top 5 Outdoor Activities near Old Saybrook, CT

Embrace the spirit of the idyllic small-town life of Old Saybrook, CT. Our historic city, nestled between the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound, has some marvelous sights and outdoor activities for you to enjoy during your stay at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. Instead of sifting through travel advisor websites to track down things to do in Old Saybrook, CT, we’ve assembled a list of fun local activities.

Connecticut Attractions: Best Saybrook Point Lighthouses

When you stay at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, one of our finest Connecticut attractions is our excellent assortment of nearby lighthouses. For centuries, Connecticut lighthouses have been a guiding light to people at sea, safely leading them home. These gorgeous structures symbolize hope in a time of need. You won’t be disappointed when you visit these lighthouses in Connecticut.

Summer and Fall Connecticut Vacation Packages

Saybrook Point Resort & Marina is located in a region that experiences different climates during each of the four seasons. There are many Connecticut vacation packages to choose from throughout the year in Old Saybrook that will coordinate with the seasonal activities. When you book direct on our website, you'll be able to choose from a variety of things to do in CT that are included in our seasonal packages.

Tips on How to Travel with Kids | Old Saybrook, CT

Spending your time relaxing with your family at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina will not only connect you with your loved ones but will create wonderful memories for your little ones. If it's your first time going on a family vacation, you may be looking for tips on how to travel with kids.

4 Benefits of Direct Booking

There are several reasons we encourage guests to book direct when making reservations for an upcoming getaway to Old Saybrook, CT. While booking with third-party platforms, also known as online travel agencies, you may think you’re getting a better deal, but that’s not always the case. When using an online agency instead of making a direct booking with Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, you may find yourself frustrated in a few different ways. Not only will you have a run around on the phone if you need to change dates or cancel, but you could also risk your reservation getting lost. Keep reading to learn four benefits of direct booking when planning your getaway to one of the best places to visit in Connecticut—Old Saybrook!

Spring in Connecticut: Attractions, Accommodations, and More

Spring means a fresh start to the year, and everything begins to feel a bit more alive around all of the Connecticut attractions in Old Saybrook, CT. The term spring break has often been associated with all-night parties and college students, but doesn't everyone deserve a break? Step away from the daily grind and head to Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, where you'll have access to relaxing amenities that will leave you feeling better than when you first arrived. Listed below, you'll find numerous ways to enjoy a spring break away from the city and in the heart of Old Saybrook, CT. 

Rekindle Your Love in the Town of Old Saybrook

Since the season of love is upon us, we are reminded to shift our attention to our significant other as Valentine’s Day brings the perfect opportunity to show how much you care. Life gets busy with the kids, sporting events, work, and everyday life stressors, but that shouldn’t always be the case when you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Just as we take care of our bodies with healthy food, staying active, taking vitamins, and whatnot (as much as we can), it’s vital to nurture our relationships as well! When you take romantic vacations to Saybrook Point Resort & Marina you’ll come to find our town of Old Saybrook, CT, will be the ideal destination for those looking to spend quality time together. Keep reading to find out why! 

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