Ask anyone at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina what sets us apart and the answer will be the same: “our staff.” Our crew is always ready, willing, and able to help guests will any need large or small. Yep, we’ve definitely got some of the best people in Connecticut working on our team.

In this edition of “Citizens of Saybrook,” we head out on the docks to (re)introduce you to Kate Mosley, Dockmaster of the Saybrook Point Marina.

Kate at the Saybrook MarinaWhile a female dockmaster may not be the most common sight on the water, Kate has boating in her blood. “My mom was a certified Marina Manager. There’s actually only 350 in the world and she’s one of them.” After a lifetime of watching her mom on the docks, as well as growing up in boat, it seems only fitting that she’s continuing the family tradition.

However, Kate is quick to point out that at Saybrook Point Marina, she’s not an outlier. “A lot of places don’t have any female staff,” she explains. “But we’ve actually ended up with more female than males. It’s one of the things people remember.” For the staff at the Marina, their unique gender makeup is more than just a novelty. Working together with Petzold’s Marine Center in Portland, Saybrook Point Marina hosts a women in boating program, designed to get groups of women out on the water and to give them to skills they need to boat solo.

After just a few minutes with Kate, her commitment to running an ethical marina becomes apparent. For her, it’s not just bolstering a love for boating, but encouraging boating with a conscious. Saybrook Point Marina was Connecticut’s first Certified Clean Marina as well as being the first marina to get a waste pump out system, which is easily accessible on the docks. “We’re trying to make it as convenient as possible for our guests to follow these green standards.”


In addition to ethical boating, convenience seems to define the philosophy at Saybrook Point Marina. Whether it’s finding the docks, getting a new boat part, or looking for a place to eat, Kate emphasizes that Saybrook Point Marina’s biggest differentiator from the competition is the helpfulness of the staff. “Boating can be stressful,” she admits. “We try and make it as easy as possible.”


This helpfulness extends beyond docking and directions. The folks at Saybrook Point Marina foster a sense of fun on the water with a slate of games and gatherings every summer. Kate details a cardboard boat race — an annual event where Marina visitors use tape and cardboard to build boats, and includes an award ceremony with prizes like the Titanic Award for the most dramatic sinking — and the Dingy Poker Run, in which guests collect cards from Marina workers and compete to have the best hand.


“We have all of these events because we don’t want this to just be a place you leave your boat,” she explains. “We want the Marina to be a community.”