Enjoy the holidays in one of the best Connecticut resorts at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. With its gorgeous accommodations and year-round festivities, you’ll never be bored in Saybrook. The annual Fire and Ice Festival offers an excellent experience for guests, and with plenty of food and drinks to go around, the festival offers a little something for everyone.

The Fire and Ice Festival

Held annually at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, this is not an event to miss! Set right at the fantastic Fresh Salt Restaurant, this delightful festival will keep you warm on a chilly evening. Enjoy the fire bar made by the Fresh Salt Restaurant while you delight in the hand-carved ice sculptures. Sip warm cups of cider or coffee, and chow down on the delectable eats such as chili, chowder, and tapas-style plates.

Free Activities

On top of such delicious food are some free activities to enjoy. The The Spa will graciously provide chair massages by the roaring fire, so you can relax while taking in the sights and sounds of the Fire and Ice festival. The kids don’t have to be left out either! There is face painting and a juggler, as well as live performances from Sasha, the fire gypsy (who will also be performing during an adults-only night!). The whole family will find something enjoyable at this festival.

Free Demonstrations at the Fire and Ice Festival

No festival would be perfect without entertainment, and plenty of it can be seen at the Fire and Ice festival. Delight in live ice carving demonstrations that turn blocks of ice into incredible works of art. Wood carving demonstrations will also make a carpenter out of you. Sip on some fantastic hot and cold drinks as you stand by the roaring fire, and sample some of the great appetizers that will be provided by the Fresh Salt Restaurant. There will be an adult-only evening which will include a live DJ, dancing, and demonstrations by Sasha the Fire Gypsy.

Premier Connecticut Resorts

For those who want to enjoy the most of the Fire and Ice Festival, a stay at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina is the perfect way to do so. As one of the best Connecticut resorts, Saybrook Point Resort & Marina offers a beautiful coastal retreat right on Long Island Sound. Cozy standard rooms and luxurious suites offer a great stay with comfortable lodgings. There is no reason not to book today so you can enjoy everything about the Fire and Ice Festival.