How Saybrook Point is a Green Hotel

Spring is here, and while the weather begins to warm up along the coast, there is more greenery to see right here at our lovely Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. As one of the leading resorts in Connecticut, you’ll love how our green thumb is great for spring (and year-round)! Here are a few ways Saybrook goes green.

We have been innovating and improving our practices to help produce less of an environmental impact, whether it’s with our Energy Star Rated Property or how we reduce and reuse. We’ve gotten some fantastic accolades and awards over the years but did you know we were one of the first certified Green Lodging Hotels in Connecticut? Give a green thumbs-up to our The Spa, which is also a member of the Green Spa network! We can’t forget that we received the first Clean Marina Award in the whole state. Plus, Fresh Salt has been working with a farm-to-table program that not only serves some seriously delicious meals but its Chef Rated Program is one of the best in the Constitution State. Along with our awards, we also offer several different ways for conservation through water, energy, and recycling as they are a big part of our daily operations.

Here are three ways we help with water conservation:

  1. Our pools are saltwater, which reduces chlorine fumes and adds to our guest’s comfort
  2. When it rains, our gutter-spout system captures the rainwater which using the system, is returned in the form of landscape irrigation
  3. Rain sensors throughout our landscaping help to reduce unnecessary watering

Want to learn more about how we reduce, reuse, and recycle? Check out our full list of Green Facts!

Our stunning Saybrook Point Resort & Marina continues to move in a green direction, daily, and with our gorgeous Connecticut coast right in our backyard, we’re always searching for ways to maintain our commitment to conservation. Beyond your fabulous time here, know that your stay is sure to be a green one! Just like the leafy buds and spouts about to erupt from the ground coating our state in lush, vibrant foliage, we’re hoping our environmental impact stays small, and your vacation remains a colorful one!