Marina at night with moon. Text: Live Summer Music.

Live Music on The Terrace 


Monday, May 31st                                The Cartells 12-3pm


Monday, June 21st                        The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, June 22nd                       Java Groove 6-9pm

Wednesday, June 23rd                Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, June 24th                        Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, June 28th                        The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, June 29th                        Tony Aiardo 6-9pm

Wednesday, June 30th                    Paul Shlien 6-9pm


Thursday, July 1st                             Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, July 5th                             The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, July 6th                            Java Groove 6-9pm

Wednesday, July 7th                    Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, July 8th                            Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, July 12th                           The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, July 13th                           Tony Aiardo 6-9pm

Wednesday, July 14th                      Paul Shlien 6-9pm

Thursday, July 15th                          Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, July 19th                        The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, July 20th                        Java Groove 6-9pm

Wednesday, July 21st                         Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, July 22nd                        Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, July 26th                       The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, July 27th                        Tony Aiardo 6-9pm

Wednesday, July 28th                   Paul Shlien 6-9pm

Thursday, July 29th                       Straight Up 6-9pm


Monday, August 2nd                   The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, August 3rd                    Java Groove 6-9pm

Wednesday, August 4th             Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, August 5th                   Java Groove 6-9pm

Monday, August 9th                     The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, August 10th                  Tony Aiardo 6-9pm

Wednesday, August 11th                     Paul Shlien 6-9pm

Thursday, August 12th                 Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, August 16th                  The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, August 17th                  Java Groove 6-9pm

Wednesday, August 18th           Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, August 19th                   Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, August 23rd                  The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, August 24th                   Tony Aiardo 6-9pm

Wednesday, August 25th                      Paul Shlien 6-9pm

Thursday, August 26th                   Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, August 30th                   The Cartells 6-9pm

Tuesday, September 31st           Java Groove 6-9pm


Wednesday, September 1st         Nick Fradiani 6-9pm

Thursday, September 2nd                Straight Up 6-9pm

Monday, September 6th               The Cartells 12-3pm