Many people are not aware of the fact that one of the country’s most prominent writers and influential cultural figures lived in Connecticut, less than an hour away from Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. Samuel Clemens, better known by his pseudonym Mark Twain, built his Hartford mansion in 1874, where he and his family lived for seventeen years. Regarded as the father of American literature and the country’s greatest humorist by fellow writers and historians, Twain produced an impressive amount of what is now known as classic American writing. Enjoy a relaxing weekend in an elegant Saybrook Point Resort & Marina accommodation, and take a day trip to experience the beautiful Mark Twain CT house where some of the world’s most famous writings were penned.

Mark Twain CT House History

In 1871, after his marriage to Olivia Langdon, newspaper reporter, world-traveler, and touring lecturer Mark Twain settled in one of his favorite cities: Hartford, Connecticut. Due to Twain’s adoration of Hartford which developed while on his travels and Olivia’s family connections to the town, the couple decided to rent a home on the western edge of town. Not long after, the two began working with an architect from New York and started construction on their 25-bedroom mansion, funded by Twain’s recent success in speaking throughout the country. In the eyes of Samuel and Olivia – who had had a large hand in the design – the massive expenditure proved

Iconic Works

According to Twain, the next seventeen years spent in the Hartford house were the happiest and most fruitful of their entire lives. It was in the corner of the top-floor billiards room and a second-story makeshift study in the Carriage House where he finished iconic works such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. After investing and losing vast sums in a variety of less-than-lucrative inventions, the Clemens family left the house to travel abroad in hopes of regaining their wealth. The Mark Twain CT estate remains to this day and is open to visitors from all over the world.

Visit the House and Mark Twain Museum

Make a visit to Connecticut with Saybrook Point Resort & Marina and experience what National Geographic calls “one of the ten best historic homes in the world!” The Mark Twain CT home, located less than an hour from your Saybrook Point accommodations, also doubles as the Mark Twain Museum. Visit the home of one of the country’s most prolific writers and admire the grand architecture of the late 19th-century. Not only can you tour through the rooms and living spaces where so much history was made, but you can also take advantage of the Mark Twain Museum Center and learn everything there is to know about the famous author and his family. Learn more about how to visit the Mark Twain Connecticut Museum and house here.

Saybrook Point Resort & Marina

A stay in historic Old Saybrook will provide you with rejuvenating amenities and access to engaging East Coast activities. During your getaway with Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, head to beautiful Hartford and take a stroll back in time through the Mark Twain Museum Center. Learn all about the incredible Mark Twain CT history and appreciate a new aspect of this important state. Book your Saybrook Point vacation today!