Regardless of when you’re planning an escape to historic Old Saybrook, CT, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to tasting some of the best fresh seafood in New England. Saybrook Point Resort & Marina is nestled between the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. Our world-class spa resort is also home to one of the best Old Saybrook restaurants: Fresh Salt. Enjoy a plate of the finest local cuisine perfectly paired with a bottle of award-winning vino while peering toward the gorgeous Connecticut River.

Best Dinner Menu Items at Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt is known for its modern interior, marina-view outdoor patio, and, of course, delicious fresh-caught seafood. As one of the premier Old Saybrook restaurants, it was extremely challenging to choose only four dinner menu items for this list. We mainly stuck to our specialty: fresh seafood. Our talented culinary team creates delicious New England-style cuisine, which is always beautifully plated and ideally paired with rare labels.

Pan-Seared Stonington Diver Scallops

Our pan-seared scallops were hand-picked by skilled divers down the coast in Stonington, CT. These seared-to-perfection scallops are accompanied by a calypso bean succotash, butternut squash, roasted Brussels sprouts, white turnip, a parsnip puree, and a game-changing apple cider glaze. All entrees not only taste delightful but they’re aesthetically-pleasing thanks to the artistic presentation.

Connecticut Lobster Roll

Most Old Saybrook restaurants feature a lobster roll on their menu, but none of them can top our secret Connecticut lobster roll recipe. Mouthwatering regionally-trapped buttered lobster is combined with a diverse yet balanced sauce and stuffed into a grilled New England-style roll. This signature sandwich is one of the many reasons that our guests keep coming back to Fresh Salt.

12-Ounce New York Strip

We don’t just serve alarmingly-fresh seafood here at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, one of the premier Connecticut resorts. The culinary geniuses at Fresh Salt grill a mouthwateringly juicy 12-ounce New York strip steak, which can be cooked to your liking. This monster steak is paired with locally-harvested rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes, perfectly-seasoned French green beans, and a wild mushroom dijon marsala that combines gloriously with thin cuts of the New York strip.

White Bean & Basil Ravioli

Ravioli quickly earned a bad reputation after canned Chef Boyardee hit the market in the late 1920s. Generations have lived without tasting authentic ravioli from a four-star restaurant, which is extremely sad. Our culinary team takes immense pride in our homemade ravioli. Each dumpling is stuffed with white bean and basil puree and paired wonderfully with roasted tomatoes, grilled escarole, and a thick saffron broth.

Extended Weekend Getaways in CT

We hope that these four dishes sound as delicious as they taste. Fresh Salt is one of the only Old Saybrook restaurants to rest on the Connecticut River’s edge. Take an extended weekend break from your hectic schedules this spring at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. After each full day of Connecticut attractions, spa treatments, and fine dining, order a pint or cocktail at the on-site Marina Bar. Give us a call at 1-860-395-2000 to a book a well-deserved vacation to Old Saybrook, CT.