Old Saybrook is more than just a beautiful coastal town perfect for family vacations. It is a historic location – home to some of the oldest and most interesting sites, monuments, and museums in CT. This gorgeous land played host to some of the earliest moments of North Amerian colonization and is steeped in significant history since that early time. Book a relaxing Connecticut vacation to Saybrook Point Resort & Marina and learn a little bit about the fascinating history of this amazing locale. Here are just a few locations you should consider visiting during your Saybrook Point stay.

Fort Saybrook Monument Park

In 1635 New England’s first military fort was constructed on this coastal site. Some of the very first English settlers of Connecticut established a colony in this location and built Fort Saybrook to protect it against an impending Dutch attack. The fort also became the site of various battles against the Native people in the Pequot War and saw action during the War of 1812. In 1870 the Valley Railroad destroyed Fort Saybrook to build the rail line north to Hartford. Today, Fort Saybrook Monument Park features gorgeous cherry trees, ruins from the old railroad, and historical signage with a plethora of interesting information on the centuries-old site.

General William Hart House

While technically not included on the list of museums in CT, the General William Hart House is an incredibly interesting part of Old Saybrook history. Located at 350 Main Street, this residence was built in 1767 as the home of colonial politician and American Revolutionary War veteran General William Hart. The colonial house is an excellent example of the period’s architecture and offers a rare glimpse into the lifestyle of the wealthy and influential people of the time. Visit the historic site and partake in the summer guided tours.

Connecticut River Museum

As one of the most prominent museums in CT, the Connecticut River Museum is devoted to protecting the artifacts and preserving the history of the Connecticut River and the people whose lives revolved around it. Located just ten minutes north of Old Saybrook in Essex Village, the museum is housed in the 1878 Steamboat Warehouse building and Samuel Lay House. Visit this not-for-profit educational museum and view incredible exhibits located throughout the nationally registered historic buildings.

Book a vacation to Saybrook Point Resort & Marina and experience this fascinating location while enjoying the luxury of a coastal Connecticut getaway. Visit some of the most influential sites and museums in CT, and learn a little bit more about this quaint East Coast town. Visit the Saybrook Point website today to book your stay!