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30 06, 2020

A Self-Guided Connecticut History Tour of Old Saybrook

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Home to the first settlement on the southern shores of Connecticut, the area around Old Saybrook is rich with American history. The next time you reserve a room at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, consider embarking on a self-guided Connecticut history tour. Prepare for a day of learning fascinating facts about the area and enjoying stunning sights of the Atlantic coastline.

12 08, 2019

Connecticut History: Museums near Old Saybrook

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During your stay in Old Saybrook, it will be apparent that there is an abundance of Connecticut history present near Saybrook Point Resort & Marina . There are also charming towns such as Old Lyme and Essex that display the notable life of Connecticut. While we’d love to go over every historic attraction featured near our spa resort in CT, we’ll provide a couple of hidden gems that are a must-see during your stay.

18 11, 2018

Mark Twain CT House: A Writer’s Haven Near Saybrook Point


Many people are not aware of the fact that one of the country’s most prominent writers and influential cultural figures lived in Connecticut, less than an hour away from Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. Samuel Clemens, better known by his pseudonym Mark Twain, built his Hartford mansion in 1874, where he and his family lived for seventeen years. Regarded as the father of American literature and the country’s greatest humorist by fellow writers and historians, Twain produced an impressive amount of what is now known as classic American writing.

26 10, 2016

Age-Old New England Sailor Superstitions

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Every profession has its own superstitions and traditions, but none are as enduring as those surrounding fishing, boating, sailors, and the sea. From bad bananas, to cursed sailors, many of these wacky sailor superstitions endure to this day! So drop anchor, sit back, and get the low-down on some New England sailor superstitions before you set sail. Named for Life Think long and hard before naming your seafaring vessel! Once named, a ship must carry that name for life. If you DO dare to rename your ship, you must honor her with a de-naming ceremony, then christen her with a new […]

10 09, 2016

History Museums in Connecticut: 4 Great Places to Spend a Day


The sheer variety of nearby museums in Connecticut can keep anyone busy for weeks, and we have the advantage of being perfectly situated between the Mystic and New Haven areas. A short drive in either direction gives you a taste of old New England or the historic bustle of a small city. Step into our time machine and embark on a historical expedition with these four diverse museums in Connecticut. Perfect for a day trip, each location is less than an hour from Saybrook Point. Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea With its 19th-century village setting, Mystic […]

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