Saybrook Point Resort & Marina is not only one of the best luxury resorts Connecticut offers for vacationers, but it is also an ideal location for group meetings and team building retreats! Perfect for corporate events, company meetings, conventions, and everything in between, Saybrook is an excellent venue no matter the event and has all the accommodations you need, plus many unique offerings.


As one of the most scenic luxury resorts Connecticut can provide, Saybrook Point Resort & Marina is a beautiful and relaxing setting. This tranquil coastal location will inspire your team members and guests and facilitate a relaxed and productive experience for all involved. Our resort is home to a wide variety of meeting spaces to suit whatever your needs may be. Choose from traditional conference rooms or non-traditional rooftop settings and perfectly match the desired vibe of your event. From available guest houses with maximum privacy to our ballroom for your largest events, Saybrook has got you covered. Take advantage of the Inn’s amenities such as the Marina Bar and Fresh Salt Restaurant to take your team building trip to the next level.

Unique Offerings

To make your Saybrook experience even better, we offer event planners to assist you in making your event, retreat, or meeting precisely as you envision it. Take a break from your work and partake in one of the many unique team bonding experiences our planners have created. Charter a boat from our Marina, play a few rounds of relaxing golf, or head down to the kitchen for a timed team cooking competition – there are endless creative ways to have fun and enhance your group’s growth. Along with these fantastic offerings, we invite you to join us in our conservation initiatives and make your meeting green! As the first Green Lodging Certified inn in Connecticut, Saybrook takes pride in reducing our environmental impact and allowing guests to do the same.

Saybrook Point Resort & Marina

Make your event successful and enriching by booking one of the best luxury resorts Connecticut has to offer. Our lovely Inn has everything you need to make your team building retreat engaging and valuable for all involved. Visit our website and let Saybrook Point Resort & Marina host your next important company event.