The Story of Tall Tales Guest House

Have you seen our latest edition to Saybrook Point? That pink, Italianate building across the street from the Main Inn is Tall Tales, our newest guesthouse. We want to be clear: this guesthouse offers much more than additional rooms. Beneath the Mansard roof with the floral design lies a host of tales to enhance and embellish your Saybrook stay. Gather round for the story behind Tall Tales Guesthouse (and the answers to all your burning questions).

Tall Tales Guest House

What’s in a name?

Tall Tales is the second of Saybrook’s guesthouses, following Three Stories, which was completed in 2015. We were originally planning to name the building “Short Stories” to match the literary theme of “Three Stories.” However, once our designs were finalized, we discovered that the building would be taller than Three Stories. To keep the literary theme but remove the contradiction, we came up with Tall Tales as an alternative. With it’s Italianate style, Victorian design, and, of course, its affable guests, we’re finding that Tall Tales is actually the perfect fit for this whimsical building with a bright future.

What is the building like?

Tall Tales Dining Room Saybrook Point Living Area Tall Tales Saybrook Point

This six room, Italianate-style home was constructed and designed in the same style as Three Stories. Our designers and architects thoroughly researched and replicated the architecture and interior designs of the Victorian period. With bocce ball in the backyard, wrap-around porches, secluded gardens, and common areas offering traditional billiards, chess and timeless literature, guests will be transported to a time of simple pleasures and coastal charm.

Lion GardinerWhere did the room names come from?

Each and every room in Tall Tales Guesthouse is named for a person with an story to tell and re-tell. Who are these figures, you ask? From 15th century Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, who discovered Long Island, to local politician and “Town Mother” Barbara Maynard, the namesake’s of these rooms invite you to discover the history of Old Saybrook. While each room wasn’t designed to reflect its namesake, we encourage you to let these figures be the patron saints of your stay. Stay with Adriaen Block as you explore the Connecticut coast. Or cozy up with feminist icon, Maria Stanford, on your next girl’s weekend. They’ll be your muses as you write your own Saybrook story.

How is Tall Tales different from other accommodations?

Room in Tall Tales Gust HouseIn a word, luxurious. In two words, luxuriously private. This guesthouse features all of the amenities that you’ve come to love from the Main Inn with an extra layer of solitude. Soak up the sun on your private balcony in the summer or, on colder days, cozy up with your favorite book next to our stone fireplaces. If you’re traveling with a group, you can even rent the whole house and reconnect over a home-cooked meal around our wooden dining room table. We always want you to feel at home when you come to Old Saybrook, which probably explains why Tall Tales is so homey.  Rewrite the rules of a inn vacation by staying in Tall Tales Guesthouse.