2020 has unequivocally—and, perhaps, irrevocably—left its stamp on the wedding industry. Soon-to-be brides and grooms have had to push dates, change venues, shrink guest lists, and wholly think outside the box (while crying themselves to sleep). But, hopefully, the oddest year in recent memory will provide enough distinctive, undeniably ingenious wedding trends that span generations. Thus, we’ve pieced together 10 unique 2021 wedding trends that just might be exactly what your upcoming wedding desperately needs.

2021 Wedding Trends: Authentic, Local, Non-Traditional

Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, the region’s premier wedding venue, has had the pleasure of working with countless eager couples over the past few decades. While 2020 has certainly been…strange, the valley is still brimming with effervescent love stories. A pandemic cannot stop love. Without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite 2021 wedding trends, ranging from 70s-style decor to popularized hashtag strategies.


  1. Dried flowers and foliage wedding cakes. After all, this has been “the year of outdoor recreation.”
  2. Surprising to no one, floral print wedding dresses.
  3. Authentic photography. This is an opportunity to “capture the authenticity and raw energy of the celebration.”
  4. Hashtags. That’s right. #covidwedding, #weddingmasks, #covidweddingplanning
  5. Picture of flowers that are 2021 wedding trends.Every year seems to have a themed color (or color combination). 2021 looks to be all about, wait for it, muted colors, including cinnamon rose, terracotta, and blush pink.
  6. Non-traditional engagement rings. Soon, non-traditional will inevitably become traditional.
  7. 70s vibes, particularly decor, such as “macramé, wooden beading, and textured linens.”
  8. Support local” flowery. Unsurprisingly, local florists took quite a financial hit in 2020.
  9. Watercolors, maps, and envelope liners.
  10. Intimate wedding showers and rustic, semi-remote bachelorette parties.

Romantic, Waterfront Wedding Venues in Connecticut

Hopefully, these 10 head-turning 2021 wedding trends provide some extra perspective in anticipation of your long-awaited big day. Reminder: Saybrook Point Resort & Marina remains one of the most beloved wedding venues in New England. Because of its idyllic location, Saybrook Point also doubles as a quintessential honeymoon destination. Please browse through our online wedding brochure to learn more about our services, spaces, and dining options. Krystal, our talented, on-site wedding planner, is readily available to field inquires. Please email [email protected] at your earliest convenience.