When you stay at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, one of our finest Connecticut attractions is our excellent assortment of nearby lighthouses. For centuries, Connecticut lighthouses have been a guiding light to people at sea, safely leading them home. These gorgeous structures symbolize hope in a time of need. You won’t be disappointed when you visit these lighthouses in Connecticut.

Places to Visit in Connecticut: Lighthouse Edition

If you’re hoping to keep this a local venture, you’re in luck. There are two magnificent lighthouses near our Connecticut spa hotel.

Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse

Only a 30-minute walk from our resort, Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, is a sight to behold. Constructed in 1886 as part of a channel system to help ships navigate shallow waters, Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouses has withstood many violent storms. Plus, its pier provides a prime place to go fishing.

Photo of a Tall Atlantic Ocean Lighthouse, One of the Area's Finest Connecticut Attractions.Lynde Point Lighthouse

Southeast of Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, you’ll find Lynde Point Lighthouse. This structure went up in 1803 to help guide ships that came through Long Island Sound to where the Connecticut River empties near Old Saybrook. However, due to complaints of this Old Saybrook lighthouse being too difficult to see, they rebuilt the structure in 1838. Clearly, this second iteration was successful as there’s no way you can possibly miss it now. 

New Haven Lighthouses

If you’re interested in scenic drives, you can make your way along the coast to New Haven. While you’re there, consider stopping by their two beautiful lighthouses: Southwest Ledge Lighthouse and Five Mile Point Lighthouse.

Navigate Historical Connecticut Attractions 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Connecticut, consider our ample supply of historical attractions. Take advantage of our on-site spa facilities, especially if you’re on a romantic getaway in Connecticut. Or, combine these concepts and book our luxurious Lighthouse Suite. Voted by Connecticut Magazine as a “most romantic place to stay,” our Lighthouse Suite is our most intimate and unique vacation rental. If you have further inquiries about surrounding Connecticut attractions or would like to make a reservation, please contact us.