Photo of a Family Packing. Click Here to Learn How to Travel with KidsOne great way to show your kids new experiences, cultures, foods, and atmospheres is by traveling to somewhere new. There are many kid-friendly Connecticut attractions in Old Saybrook, CT, that will help your kids grow their education through real-life, hands-on experiences. Spending your time relaxing with your family at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina will not only connect you with your loved ones but will create wonderful memories for your little ones. If it’s your first time going on a family vacation, you may be looking for tips on how to travel with kids. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best 35 tips on how to travel with kids that will help you stay level headed throughout the process (listed below). 

  1. Expect time delays and plan extra
  2. Always have snacks on hand
  3. Get to the airport earlier than if it were just you and your spouse 
  4. Create a packing list and don’t bring more than necessary 
  5. Try to book things to do in CT ahead of time
  6. Tell your kids the details of the trip and repeat it at the beginning of each day
  7. Did we say bring snacks?
  8. Research kid-pricing and discounts in Old Saybrook, CT
  9. Expect the worst to happen and have a plan B
  10. Always keep an eye on your little ones especially in the shops, during tours and in the restaurants in Old Saybrook, CT
  11. Make sure your kids have your personal contact information on them including your phone number, address, and name
  12. Bring general medications such as those for allergies, motion sickness, and headaches
  13. If applicable, bring a car seat
  14. Bring small games, new toys or fun things to do in CT that will keep the kids entertained during downtime
  15. Now is the time to bring those distracting electronic devices but only use them when necessary
  16. Pack snacks, snacks, and more snacks
  17. Bring something that reminds the kids of home, perhaps a favorite book
  18. Let the kids take pictures or give them and old phone to take their own
  19. For young adults and teens give them a small notebook to document their experiences
  20. Let the kids pick a few restaurants in Old Saybrook, CT 
  21. Pack spare outfits 
  22. If traveling on a plane, bring gum to pop the kids’ ears during the ascend and descend
  23. Consider bringing a stroller for longer days out exploring the Connecticut attractions
  24. Select smart flight times for your kids 
  25. If your kids are old enough to handle their own luggage, let them 
  26. Bring headphones 
  27. Leave room for relaxation and downtime
  28. Try different transits such as boats, bikes or train rides in Old Saybrook, CT 
  29. If your kids are older, give them a list of Connecticut attractions to choose from for a day out
  30. Do not hotel hop and stay in one location the entire vacation
  31. Be willing to remain flexible with your itinerary 
  32. Make sure your kids are aware of our front desk location in case of an emergency
  33. Engage in conversation about the area with your kids as you’re exploring Old Saybrook, CT 
  34. Take a look at Fresh Salts children’s menu ahead of time 
  35. Oh, and snacks! 

Old Saybrook Family Vacations

Now that you’ve read some of our helpful tips on how to travel with kids, you can feel a little more prepared for your family vacation. Our beautiful town of Old Saybrook is full of unique Connecticut attractions that will offer a fun day out for you and your loved ones. We encourage you to browse through our website to find more information on the different kid-friendly things to do in CT. No matter which season you visit with your family, you’ll be giving your children the gift of experience when you travel to Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-860-395-2000 if you have any questions on how to travel with kids in CT.