A mom, dad, and daughter run on the beach during the winter in Old Saybrook, CT.

This winter, there is no better place to be than the Connecticut shoreline in Old Saybrook, CT. You’ll be surrounded by charming seaside views, a touch of Southern hospitality, and a whole lot of excellent customer service when you spend your Old Saybrook, CT winter at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. We are right near the water, with a lovely marina. Even though the marina is closed during the winter season, you will still be able to enjoy Old Saybrook’s Harvey Beach—located ten minutes away from Saybrook Resort & Marina. You may be wondering what you can do during a chilly New England winter. Keep reading to learn about the 15 winter beach activities you can enjoy in Old Saybrook, CT: 

  1. Build a sandcastle—or a snow castle if there’s a layer of glistening snow on the beach
  2. Go shelling and gather some nice seashells washed up on shore
  3. Take a pleasant sunset stroll on the sand
  4. Bike to and from Harvey Beach and Saybrook Point
  5. Fly a kite if it’s windy enough
  6. Treat yourself to a beach picnic, bringing a thermos of hot chocolate as a sweet treat
  7. Bring a warm blanket, bundle up, and try out some relaxing beach yoga
  8. Embrace a popular New England pastime, football, and play a round of “back & forth”
  9. Search for sand grabs hidden along the beach
  10. Birdwatchers can enjoy a day seeking the native sea birds
  11. Grab a kayak from Blackhall Outfitters and sail across the water
  12. Slather on some sunscreen, bring a good book, and sunbathe
  13. Take family photos during the sunrise
  14. Challenged your loved ones to a “beach clean” competition and help pick up litter
  15. Build a sandman (get it, it’s like a snowman but made of sand)

Spend Your Winter in Old Saybrook, CT

Now that you have a complete list of all the best winter beach activities, head down to Harvey’s Beach and have a great time. Of course, after a long day at the beach, you will want to be warm and rest in comfortable accommodation. That’s where Saybrook Point Resort & Marina comes in—our vast accommodation options will provide you with a sweet reprieve from the world. Book your winter stay with us online today!