There’s always something memorable about taking a stroll in an unknown area. The sights, the sounds, the people, everything you see is just so different, but somehow it allows you to immerse yourself in the environment as if you lived there for years. Walking around an unfamiliar place can be somewhat exciting as you ponder what will be waiting for you around the next bend, and Saybrook, CT, is no different. Here at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, we understand the importance of a good leisurely walk. It’s a healthy and rejuvenating way to exercise, clear your mind, and get a glimpse at some of the most beautiful and unique sites and attractions. To help acclimate you to some of the most scenic and tranquil paths near our spa resort, we curated a list of our five favorite walking paths and trails in Old Saybrook, CT. 

5. Pequot Swamp Pond Trail

This 2.6 mile, lightly trafficked loop brings patrons through a sprawling hardwood forest interspersed with gorgeous flower-filled meadows, and a small seasonal bog. As the name suggests, it can be swampy, so be prepared by throwing on a sturdy pair of hiking boots. 

4. Ingham Hill Road to Essex Road

This 3.2-mile out and back trail is exemplified by the dense forest’s canopy that blocks some sunlight from reaching the ground in the summer. The terrain does vary between hardpack and rocky outcrops, with a few muddy spots in between. There are a few well-trodden, unmarked side trails, so feel free to explore them if you are feeling adventurous!

3. College Street to Maple Avenue & “The Loop”

Situated between North and South Cove, this route isn’t much of a walking trail as much as it is just a beautiful place to take a stroll. Walking right out from the resort, find the intersection of College and Bridge Street and head west. About a quarter of the way down, you’ll see Cypress Cemetery to your left and historical homes with interpretive placards scattered throughout the walk on this scenic waterfront highway. 

2. Gardiner’s Landing & Fort Saybrook Monument Park   

This classic municipal park has traditional walking paths and benches and tells the story of Old Saybrook, CT’s fabled past. This “outdoor museum” commemorates the first military fort in Connecticut and features an elevated boardwalk that allows patrons to safely visit the tidal marsh with views of the Connecticut River. Interpretive signage throughout the park gives valuable insight into how Old Saybrook, CT, and the rest of New England were established.  

1. Great Cedars Conservation Area

With over 300 acres of open space supplemented by a small matrix of hiking trails, Great Cedars tops our list of places to walk in Old Saybrook, CT. A monumental acquisition by the Old Saybrook Land Trust, this conservation area offers a wealth of natural beauty. Thanks to a collective agreement between the land trust and the city, patrons are ensured local accessibility and stewardship of this treasured ecological recreation area. 

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Taking a stroll is just one of the many things to do in Old Saybrook. With its rich history and picturesque surroundings, it makes sense that so many choose our town as a premier location for any Connecticut vacation. Comfy lodging and several on-site amenities make our Connecticut resort one of the best! For more information on how we can facilitate your stay, please visit our website or call 860-395-200.