Now more than ever, we live in a visual, altogether virtual world. While the peaceful, undeniably scenic Connecticut River-side community of Old Saybrook is an idyllic place to relax, unwind, and indulge, there’s certainly nothing wrong with venturing into the wild in hopes of “snapping” the perfect Instagram pic. Saybrook Point Resort & Marina itself is a breathtaking architectural marvel, with its sizable marina, distinctive lighthouse suite, charming accommodations, and beautifully-plated coastal cuisines. Still, we thought it would be wise to compile five eye-popping Instagram photo ideas in (or near) Old Saybrook.

Instagram Photo Ideas: Capture the Connecticut River Valley

Middlesex County’s Old Saybrook lies on the southern rim of the sprawling Lower Connecticut River Valley, which runs from Long Island Sounds northerly to Haddam. There’s so much natural beauty to behold within minutes of Saybrook Point Resort that it’s hard to fathom. Present-day Old Saybrook was founded in 1635 (formerly known as the “Saybrook Colony”); thus, there’s a seemingly endless array of historical significance in these rolling hills, winding waterways, and densely-thicketed forests. Make sure to leave time on the itinerary for these crowd-pleasing Instagram photo ideas.

1. Gillette Castle (the “Seventh Sister”)

William Gillette’s “Seventh Sister,” most commonly referred to as Gillette Castle, lies hidden inside a quiet, 184-acre state park in East Haddam. This Connecticut River-side attraction is a spellbinding architectural marvel, funded by Sherlock Holmes himself.

2.Piture of Old Saybrook Marina, a great Instagram photo idea. Saybrook Point Marina

Boating enthusiasts, including sailors, yachtspeople, and anglers, cannot resist a photo op in a bustling marina. Saybrook Point’s on-site marina, one of the state’s largest, peers toward the Connecticut River’s final discharge into Long Island Sound after a 406-mile journey. The pearly white sailboats blend fabulously with Saybrook Point’s lemon-colored exterior.

3. Harvey’s Beach at Dusk

One of the grandest perks of visiting Old Saybrook is that you can greet the sun each day as it subtly dips above Saybrook Point’s marina. Then, around dusk, you can say “goodbye” to our solar system’s only star as it slips behind Long Island Sound at Harvey’s Beach—what a jaw-dropping delight!

Picture of an Old Saybrook Instagram photo idea.4. Lynde Point Light

Despite being one of the area’s most beloved Instagram photo ideas, Lynde Point Light sits on private land. So, please be respectful of the landscape and follow hand-made signs, directing visitors to an overlook, of sorts. Photographers can swiftly park on Sequassen Avenue and stroll down to the grassy, east-facing beach, approximately 100 yards away from the light.

5. Florence Griswold Museum in Full Bloom

The well-preserved Griswold House sits on a wholly renovated, 13-acre estate that features a vibrant garden, manicured lawns, a boardwalk, meadows, wetlands, hedges, an orchard, and, of course, the state-of-the-art Krieble Gallery. In midsummer, when the flowers are in full bloom, the Griswold House takes on a new level of luminosity.

Extended Weekend Getaways in Connecticut

Instead of searching for “photo ops near me” this fall, simply bookmark these five Instagram photo ideas for future use. There’s no better place to start and finish each day of exploration, relaxation, and sophistication than right here at Saybrook Point Resort, where the Connecticut River meets the Long Island Sound. On-site luxuries include fine coastal dining, spa services, boat slips, private balconies, a fitness club, and complimentary bicycles. Please click the “Book Now” button at the top of your screen to book a long-awaited, well-deserved escape to coastal Connecticut! You can also call our team directly at 860-395-2000.