Introducing the Choo Choo Lounge  

Why Choo Choo Lounge? Old Saybrook shares a rich history of train travel,
dating back to the 1600’s. Guests from New York would travel the
Valley Railroad line to enjoy the menu and accommodations at the famous
Pease House, located across from the main Saybrook Point Resort where the Villas are located today.

The imagery of this era has been recreated by the two commissioned murals painted by
local artist Tony Falcone of the #2 train coming across the tracks from
Fenwick, and the Roundhouse turning station which was just north of
Saybrook Point. Interior designer Lisa Silver has created a bygone era ambiance
which is complemented by classic cocktails originally documented by Connecticut-born
Jerry Thomas in the first-ever publication of cocktail recipes in 1862. The 30-ft. long bar
is accentuated by an authentic “Les Zinc” pewter bar top made only in one place worldwide
at Ateliers Nectoux in France.

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To inquire about this space for a private event contact: [email protected]