People enjoying drinks at outdoor area of marina bar.

Marina Bar

The Marina Bar is Currently Closed – Stay tuned for updates!

The Marina Bar at Saybrook Point is the perfect spot to take in the view, have a bite to eat, or sip a glass of wine or seasonal cocktail.  Located just below the terrace along our picturesque marina, the Marina Bar has extended seating and tables for guests to relax in a unique environment.  The Marina Bar provides warming fire pits and a lookout deck perched atop of it for breathtaking views.  Whether you need to cool off or warm up, the Marina Bar is the place for you.

  • Server at the Marina Bar With Two Hamburgers From Fresh Salt Restaurant
  • Hand holding wine glass up with marina in background.
  • Hotel outdoor patio seating area near marina.
  • Outdoor dining area.
  • Hotel bar observation deck near marina.
  • Mini lobster rolls.
  • Marina bar.
  • Marina at sunset.
  • Full marina and lighthouse.
  • People enjoying drinks at outdoor marina bar.
  • Lighthouse and boats in marina.
  • Hand-Crafted Cocktails From The Marina Bar at Saybrook Point Resort & sitting on wooden table near the marina.
  • Fire Pit at the Marina Bar At Nighttime With Full Moon
  • Chilly Patrons At The Marina Bar Around A Fireplace With Cocktails
  • Hand-Crafted Cocktail With Blueberries From The Marina Bar at Saybrook Point Resort &