There’s perhaps never been a more befitting time in recent memory for a much-needed, well-deserved coastal Connecticut wellness retreat for two. Romance has always played an integral role in Old Saybrook’s hospitality scene, mainly because of this region’s absorbing historical significance, oceanic beauty, and nautical charm. Saybrook Point Resort & Marina, in particular, remains a shining example of all-encompassing sophistication, culinary splendor, and eudemonia.

Picture of Connecticut wellness spa.Saybrook Point’s Southern Connecticut Wellness Spa

Perhaps, a customizable coastal Connecticut wellness retreat is just what the doctor ordered? In today’s modern world, American citizens neglect millions of vacation days. Stress tends to build up over time, affecting the health and wellness of our populace. Thankfully, beacons of light, such as The Spa at Saybrook Point, exist. New Englanders can swiftly escape the city’s clutch en route to Middlesex County’s finest spa destination.


Within moments of arrival, couples will be led to a golden seating area before, eventually, relishing a wholly rejuvenating massage in a sleek, dimly-lit room. Spa services include seven distinct massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing. Resort guests will also have exclusive access to the Health Club, which consists of a lapping pool, fitness room, and yoga studio. The resort offers various Connecticut wellness classes, including tai chi, yoga, pilates, cardio fusion, and aqua works.

Picture of Connecticut wellness food.Healthy, Gourmet Eats

Eating healthily routinely leads to overall mental and physical wellness. Fresh Salt, the finest restaurant in Old Saybrook, crafts a bevy of indulgent delights, including the house-aged New York strip steak and legendary “shoreline seafood platter.” However, weight-watchers will happily discover vegetable risotto, grilled swordfish, Georges Bank scallops, beet salad, littleneck clams, and tuna sushi. It’s truly a culinary voyage across the Seven Seas of flavor. Patrons can pair their beautifully-presented dinner with a low-calorie cocktail or a bottle of salutary pinot noir from a prestigious label.

Mid-day Exercise

As stated above, there are plenty of exercise opportunities available at Saybrook Point’s Health Club. However, if you hope to “branch out” into the surrounding coastal backcountry, we’re privy to several suitable Southern Connecticut wellness activities worth revisiting. Simplistic pursuits include 18 holes of golf, Great Island kayaking, or a racquetball match. Most first-time visitors choose to walk “the Loop,” a scenic, opulent stroll along waterfront North Cove Road. Don’t forget to “feed” your brain by visiting some of the area’s most historic destinations, such as Cypress Cemetary, the Connecticut River Museum, or the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse.

To inquire about a coastal Connecticut wellness retreat to Saybrook Point, please give us a call today at 860-395-2000. And remember to bookmark this article to optimize your next wellness retreat to New England’s loveliest hidden gem.